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Unconstellated Stars for Material Queens

by Neveca

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nice linguist moves with experience, zubin beats behemoth, give em exactly what we feeling think mean, dig deep, work machine in the lab, work for what they will be dreaming. band the tension, move forward, no questions whatever we brainstorm transform more progression till degree burns, more stressing, fortune in the hands of the words smith melting. sun beaming, the sky stopped leaking, emerge from this coffin thats this dungeon and its creaking, some fiend but most of them delinquent, no matter we embark to a setting we will frequent. burst bubble, no trouble they can huddle but still be exposed to the substance were releasing, big scheme smother those breathing, show em how it works when u do it for a reason. scientist at work calculation! calculation, calibration, transformation scientist at work collaboration! concentration complication activation scientist at work transformation! anticipation, alienation, new creation make more, make more, make more for invasion! grab control before the victims head to exit, this preemptive striker is on fire and he's gifted, room lifting, kaboom tune shifting, imagine what will happen if they paid for his mission. the formula is in the air hence division appearing cause they fear ill reveal what their missing, apprehension because this new invention they cant comprehend starts to fold their dimension. days spended to learn brain bending, captivate these hosts, interject stick in the dose while i expose new dangerous to most throw encrypted concentrations cause they fail to diagnose. great goodness if your responses are wooden, no reason to try fighting cause you know you shouldn't, Dr. Jekyll or is there a reason why when he's isolated they all call him Mr. Hyde. scientist at work concentration! scientist at work complication! scientist at work activation! make more, make more, make more for invasion! scientist at work, give you new flavor, make more for celebration, make more for appreciation more for salvation, less hesitation more activation, make more for invasion new creation, i adjust to chieftain fortune in your ears.
diamonds that you wish upon all the things.. all the things you want i was never sent to massage your dreams or make things fluid so you swim with ease cause i'm ominous to things you love to see, i can demonstrate since you noticed me. i'm pushing with no ring though she worships bling, rough around edges unlike your cup of tea, but cool like the diamonds that she loves to meet, see material queen you don't have to be. romeo is not a square so think outside the box, romeo is like a germ not what you really thought, beauty and your bosom you compress your scheme, damsel in distress, don't think your not, your ideal is fantasy in life's plot, all the things you need are beneath the stars, Rapunzel cut your hair cause i ain't climbing shit, i'm only here cause your bubble needs a pinch. diamonds that you wish upon all the things.. all the things you want i'm not to die for baby use your brain, you wanna own me see your so insane, oil and water but your trying to mix, it's a different ball game don't drown in flames. you only want me cause you look me eyes, saw i didn't care now you'd rather die, than not have me as your hypnotist, turn the other cheek but you cant resist. i'm here to kill the queen, see the best disguise walks like a wolf in the midst of sheep, talks like a killer not trying to hide cause your highbrow for greed has a lovely stride. this queen's responsible for what we have, nothing, no dreams so i'm responsible for why she has to.. die..
don't save them, don't save them the sky's falling anyways they don't make science and they lack religion big mischief or whatever they call my business, busy bodies peeking in to be a witness, ah! he's working but ventured into space lurking, you see those rumors swarmed the simpletons in my district. so they grumble an angry mob, torches roar, forget the facts, this black smoke is thick for rumble, as more pour legitimacy is forced to try amidst falsehood, they have to see something die! so big index pointed by those loveless jackals, "bite an ankle" they say to all who round my castle "he uses magic taming scorpions and forging methods increasing planning to reveal himself to next he grapples" "squash the heretic secluded in his work in test-tubes groveling gremlins", they fear my science will reshape them, shovel what they don't know, he's the devils guy, the skies falling anyways, i hope to re-inflate them. don't save them, don't save them the sky's falling anyways they don't make science and they lack religion big mischief or whatever revived their suspicions, thoughts sinking in the worst is following the audience, plans to move forward but there always will be skeptics, tear the walls down, they know that pressure is effective. void of understanding because they lack reception, below screaming skies within their heads are rusted antennas, fearful men rejecting what i've made to find connection, tensions flickering but tangible, destructive so the.. supernatural inside is exactly what i'm using cause the skies slowly falling hence what i'm doing, look at what i'm brewing, don't perceive it as the worst since they failed to make the music that promotes the planets movements, if they fail distinguishing the truth from bad business, help me brother cause ill resort to build bridges, my coat flies like it countered wind when mixing substance, the final element is here, breach for your abundance! uh oh.. since the sky was falling i was under city crawling, preceding into to territories dressed as good intentions, the giant faced doctors overwhelming sense of bending reason for this mess ignored when sanity was calling, thinking like a human drank the flask of his ambition, the beguiling dungeon operators lost a pound of ink and sweat, catalyst that led to rubble changed the face of danger, everybody knew that he was the worlds changer, microphone degrader, kill em, kill em, paper raper, instrumental brutalizer, brutus, judas, infiltrate the infiltrators, let it escalate and you will have this audio crusader bending realms, send me back to the invasion, i will save them, i am here ahead of my time, i'm the regulation warning of the infestation, "radios creation" that will capsize their minds.
guess who blotted out the sun to make it RAIN! the metal faced blacksmiths constructing with their BRAIN! the leaders question how metropolis was LEVELED! but saw they failed distinguishing the one's that cant be TAMED! a job resolved with RANGE! the harbingers of RAGE! witness bassy resolution in the midst of TREBLE! shamans had enough, he finally stands to show his DEVILS! he must drum at a distance or his village be in FLAMES! smack ground make craters you wanna understand right now then chase us it's nothing to hard like paper but when money stacks up they'll decline and hate us an avalanche of punishment, brutality thats SENSELESS! forced its way to deal such a blow to make em CRAWL! the exercise to much thus their stagnant CAMPAIGN! tremendous pressure be exerted, worst is yet to FALL! those slit tongue demoralizers using crystal BALLS! see the heavy winged men descending to their WORLD! shattered in their faces when they spot their chieftain SMILING! abomination fleet to smack the ground and make a CRATER! smack ground make craters you wanna understand right now then chase us it's nothing to hard like paper but when money stacks up they'll decline and hate us i will never fall, you'll find out in the end i will never fall, you'll finally understand like stars that did too much, like stars that shine too bright..
whether you like it or not i'll be ok ay ay ay want me to think but i'll feel the same ay ay ay hear you call but i'll stay away ay ay ay cause you love me but want me to change ay ay ay to be or not, to live or love to give or tug are the questions, seems what you want is me a drone despite ill be second guessing, why collide with me if you know that ill be a stone, why keep stressing? if i'm your everything you'll loose, i'm awaiting your next move baby.. sad that you feel this way, mad that i still wont change things ain't never gonna be the same like i'm stuck in my ways, please be the same way too, after all it's all about you, your tests, standards, must haves, it's all you, run from colors like me, you cannot change my hue, you want a perfect fit but my paint will eat your brush, greedy you want to much, i'm not like everything you touch but what you fail to control, more like you nemesis what? oh you really think its cool.. living my life as fool like a squirrel chasing a nut, no your gonna see what i can do, end of the guilt trip ways, end of those dull ass days, seek a new a new man, a new life, i can help you start by tonight. whether you like it or not ill be ok ay ay ay want me to think but ill feel the same ay ay ay hear you call but ill stay away ay ay ay cause you love me but want me to change ay ay ay ill address myself for the last time, its chief, beginning takes belief, my old mask crumbles in the face of those who try to wear it, i shed new ones by the minute, i have strong spirit made from sheep, watched by shepherd but became wolf, look into my mind as the wheels keep turning, i make them all work, weird init? welcome to slum, maybe you'll learn enough to hide from these robots we become, anchor or gold? choose what will hold you back like your name was "gigolo joe" how will it unfold? if you need love you'll find scraps of those who tried calculating her, she thinks you'll rust.. she thinks you'll rust. whether you like it or not ill be ok ay ay ay want me to think but ill feel the same ay ay ay hear you call but ill stay away ay ay ay cause you love me but want me to change ay ay ay she thinks you'll rust.
problems had arrived when sky seers felt the stars, convinced by curiosity, unbalanced thoughts indulged in lengthening the arm that reaches to the vast unknown, communicating with the tightest grip, abuse for goal, these days they lean more towards their science and flush religion, argue what is fate, snuff the light of faith, riveting images of man launched in great machines chasing brights they see at night was in the shamans dreams, the sky beckons, leading us to wish and crave, in awe we ache feeling closer now that we had flew, subdued by this novel sight, it's beam, the whitest hue, i start to understand why they'll do anything to find this view, what makes once great now forgotten clues to mine? what lays hiding underneath? what has been lost in time? i'm full of verve but won't believe this life is all we own, we keep exploring to this truth we'll know. time is merely a mold that is cast of mortal minds exists to those who wisp away to dust and left behind but there's a place that's known to few as ages come and go a realm that ancients knew as we can claim to know "our own" where dreams are funneled out of fiction into vivid scenes of liquid crystal pools reflecting how we came to be the evidence in Stonehenge and patterns in the stars the pyramids of Giza lead us to the Path of gods balance the odds of light and dark beneath the scale is it better to serve in Heaven or reign in Hell? i am the master of my destiny the choice is mine i can slip into shadow or find the light divine this battle exists whether or not you choose to see it those who abuse the use of knowledge are the first to reap it unlock the secrets of yourself to leave the world in awe a single soul blessed with the gift could be the one to save us all. easy for life to for their dreams molding who we are.. we see these lights that glow and gleam a refuge from afar.. return to the stars.. i walk these deserts with intentions making trails of questions, a path unable to be covered by the desert winds that pummels in a time when they encourage your invention as long as vanity is coupled with it's call for men, see i can rule these colonies, beckon their fools with fear, corruption from investing on a plan thats though of well, but i know everything i'll come across will see my story, no one can hide a face of evil that has harnessed hell, as if i could of purged the pestilence that found Caligula or be the muscle moving a wicked nations bones, their praises can infest an angel till it's charcoaled wingless and make hunters to comfortable to defend their homes, somethings grabbing me convincing that theres more to living though they encourage my contentment cause i've done my job, a hero noticing it's still hard to see that stars, quickly, move faster on this quest your on!


The debut ep from chieftain and zhu, two students of Neveca hailing from Seattle.


released December 1, 2010



Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Album Art by Black Jesus

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Neveca Seattle, Washington

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